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Emf protection necklace for men women features natural Shungite in a unique oval pendant set in sterling silver for an everyday wear elegance and simplicity. Electro magnetic frequencies  protection or harmful radiiations protection necklace in high quality black Shungite crystals.

Dimensions and Specifics:
Styles- Available in two styles
Pendant 1- 40mm from the chain, comes with a silver connector 
Shungite Gemstone- 20mm x 15mm 
Pendant 2 -30mm from the chain
Gemstone- 25mm x 18 mm
hallmark 925
handcrafted in sterling silver
gemstone - Natural Gemstone
Chakra- base chakra healing and grounding

Healing Properties of Shungite:
-Grounding Energy: Shungite is believed to provide stability and a connection to the Earth's energy.
-EMF Protection: Known for shielding against electromagnetic frequencies, Shungite is thought to offer protection from electronic device radiation.
-Purification: With properties for both energy and water purification, Shungite is used to filter impurities.
-Balancing Energies: Shungite is said to balance energies within the body, promoting a sense of well-being.
-Antioxidant: Shungite is believed to have antioxidant properties that may neutralize free radicals.
-Stress Relief: Advocates suggest that Shungite may help relieve stress and promote relaxation.
-Healing Waters: When placed in water, Shungite is thought to infuse it with potential health benefits.

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